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The Chonqing Dog Magazine

Issue 1/2019


The European Chongqing Dog Club was established on 26th October, 2019, during the first Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound Specialty and Seminar, in Netherlands, at the initiative of Matthew Spinks, Markus Monroe and Corina Cotoi, experienced breeders and cynlogists and under the presidency and patronage of FCI Judge Franki Leung, auhtor of the standard and major protagonist in the recovery of the breed. 

The major purpose of the club is the OFFICIAL RECOGNITION and protection and preservation of the breed, according to CKU standard and with the following FCI standard, as well as to set breeding goals and ethics for its members. 

Among other projects, the European Chongqing Club will organize an annual event with the participation of breed specialists, including show, seminar and facilitating the exchange of ideas between breeders from all over the world. 

The annual publication of a breed specific magazine will also be an important project for the future of the breed in Europe and we will create a resourcefull media for all Chongqing Dog breeders and owners, with health, type, genetics, breeding and behavior articles and information. 

We thank to all our members and to all our supporters and we invite everybody to join us in our effort to make the Chongqing Dog one of the best breeds of this world. 

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Upcoming events for 2020

We are working on the organization of the 2020 Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound Specialty and Seminar, which will be held in Serbia and judged by breed specialists. Stay tuned for more information!



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