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On the 26th October, at the Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound speciality show and seminar in Netherlands,  the European Chongqing Dog Club was formed by Franki Leung , Matthew Spinks , Markus Monroe and Corina Cotoi,  our President being Mr Franki Leung from the Chinese Kennel Union CKU, China, Mr Leung being also the person in charge of the recognition process of these wonderful dogs from Group 11 status to full FCI group 2 status which is proposed in 2022.

One of our main goals as a club is to support and assist the CKU team and our members in full FCI recognition of the Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound. We believe registrations with the CKU in China is of paramount importance if these dogs are to have a future in the pedigree dog world . Without the recognition numbers, the CKU team could fall short with regards to the recognition numbers required by  the FCI federation. At present, the breed is shown in a special Group - Group 11 - but we hope, with our help and support, our ultimate goal of full recognition and Group 2 status is realised with the help of the Chongqing Dog World .

Our main goal, with the help of Mr Leung and his team, is to open up a direct line of contact for our members in the form of payments and pedigree applications with the CKU team in China, thus helping the CKU team meet their FCI application requirement's for 2022. Some breeds fall short of this task and are left in Group 11 status for many years, we hope as a club to assist and make sure we comply on time of what is required of us as a breed by the FCI federation and introduce the Chongqing dog and Chuandong hound to the dog world.

As a club, we have created a website, breed specific magazine, pedigree data base,  show ranking list and plans are underway for the speciality weekend in 2020, which we hope to be bigger and better than our first weekend in 2019 .

The club at this moment in time is self funded, but we hope with all these items on offer to attract members, thus helping with the day to day  running costs of the Club. For all these important projects we need the support of breeders, owners, breed enthusiasts and a joined community for the benefit of the breed.

In order to become a member of the club, we decided on a annual membership fee that would help us sustain financially our efforts for the Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound. Our membership plans are Gold - 100 eur/year (full access to video interviews, free advertising on our website, annual newsletter) Silver - 30 eur/year (full access to video interviews, annual newsletter). All payments and expenses are monitored and can be accessed by all members on request.

The benefits of being a member of the European Chongqing Dog Club is we as a members club will work towards full worldwide recognition of the Chongqing dog and Chuandong hound according to the country of origins kennel club the Chinese Kennel Union CKU and their application with the FCI federation in 2022 .

In order to become a club member please click HERE.

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