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What is the role of a breed club?

In all breeds, clubs and breed specific associations are the foundation of breeding ethics and preservation of correct type, health and temperament.

The joined efforts of breeders are the only way to succeed in keeping breeds according to standards of beauty and functionality.

What is our mission?

- To promote the breed and the correct type

- To facilitate the official recognition of the breed by FCI

- To facilitate and speed up the paperwork for CKU pedigrees

- To organize seminars and specialty shows all over Europe

- To publish a breed specific magazine

- To promote responsible breeders

Our members

Another important mission of this club is to bring together breeders and fanciers of the Chongqing Dog, in an professional environment. Club members, besides the opportnity of being promoted on our website and have full access to videos and interviews, will also receive a newsletter containing club activity and projects, and also a discount to their club show registration.

All income obtained from membership fees will be used for the expenses with website administration, the Chongqing Dog Magazine and for organizing of the upcoming club shows. Each member will have the opportunity to be involved directly in the organization of the club show in its own country. We would like to remind you that the next club show for 2020, will be organized in Serbia and will be including the Chuandong Hound. All feedback and help is greatly appreciated and we thank you for visiting our webiste.

For more information, please contact us

Corina Cotoi

Matthew Spinks

Markus Monroe

Check out the previous show and seminar at

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