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The European Chongqing Dog Club - Constitution

Official registered name: European Chongqing Dog Club

President: Franki Leung (China)

Board of directors and founding members:

Matthew Spinks (Netherlands)

Corina Cotoi(Romania)

Markus Monroe (Austria)

Foundation members and club officers

Foundation members (the first 50 members who joined the European Chongqing Dog Club and showed their support for our project and work from the beginning of the club):

Gabriel Andersen / Karin G. Doglings / Marion Havinga / Martina Baken / Alison Darley / Dorothy Baker / Silvia Monica Ristea / Malgorzata Kaczynska

Club officers: The representatives of the club in the countries across Europe, who can organize shows under the name and with the help of the European Chongqing Dog Club, and who will be the club's official spokespersons.

Memebership fees and priviledges:

30 Euro Silver Membership and 100 Euro Gold Membership. Memebers will enjoy various priviledges, from free access to our video gallery, to preferential prices to breed seminars, newsletters to be informed about all club activity (financial, meetings, upcoming and in progress projects, ammendments to rules and bylaws, new joining memebers etc) and the right to vote on important club issues if necessary.

The full constitution document, including Objects of activity, Membership, Directors and Officers, Amendments, Order of Business, Special Notes is available on request. If you are interested in reading the full document, please send us a message HERE.


The Board of Directors,

Matthew Spinks, Corina Cotoi, Markus Monroe

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