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DNA data for the Chongqing Dog, breakthrough in ancient breeds genetics

The genetic ancestry tests performed on several Chinese Chongqing Dogs and sustained by Bamboo Tail Kennel, revealed important information about the ancient origin of this unique breed.

The main discoveries regarding the genetic heritage of the breed are the haplotypes and haplogroups characteristic to the Chongqing Dog.

Haplogroup A5/Haplotype A201

A5 is a rare maternal lineage. It is most numerous among the village dogs of Vietnam, though it is also present in the Chow Chow breed. Additionally, it is found in the Carolina Dog, and attests to this population's origins among the indigenous native dog.

A201, as part of the A5 haplogroup, occu5s most commonly in Carolina dogs. It is a rare find.

Haplogroup A2a

A2a is a truly ancient lineage. A2a shows ancient roots without major recent expansion. It is likely one of the oldest Eastern Eurasian male lineages of dogs

Haplotype HC12, as part of the A2a haplogroup, this rare haplotype occurs in Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.

Haplogroup A2

A2 is a very ancient maternal line. Most likely it was one of the major female lines that contributed to the very first domesticated dogs in Central Asia about 15.000 years ago.

A640 the haplogroup commonly possessed by dingoes.

A642 - this haplogroup occurs most frequently in ChowChow.

Haplogroup A1b

This lineage was very likely one of the original lineages in the wolves that were first domesticated into dogs in Central Asia about 15.000 years ago.

A361/409/611 - this haplotype occurs frequently in European German Shepherd Dogs, Poodles and Shiloh Shepherds.

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